About Resourcing Parents

Resourcing Parents was established to provide parenting education information and support to the parents and carers of children aged 0-18. Launched in 2003, for the Inner Western suburbs of Sydney, it grew to include all Sydney, from the 31st of March 2014 FACs funding enabled the website to be offered to the State. This expansion was funded to enable Triple P practitioners to add events, order resources and communicate e with other practitioners on one site. 

Resourcing Parents is a Families NSW project that aims to:

  1. Provide a comprehensive list of parenting education events occurring across NSW our Events Calendar
  2. Provide information to professionals working with parents on training and professional support through the Professionals Training Calendar
  3. To encourage and assist not-for-profit agencies (for example pre-schools, early intervention services, health, non-government agencies, councils, schools) to deliver parenting information, support and education initiatives to families in their community who have children aged 0-8 years. Funding to enable agencies to do this is available in the Inner West of Sydney through the Sydney District Small Grants Scheme.

resourcingparents.nsw.gov.au is staffed by:

Belinda Power (B Soc. Stud.). Belinda is employed by Sydney Local Health District as the Parenting Coordinator. Belinda is responsible for the management of the Sydney District Small Grants Scheme and Resourcing Parents website. A Social Worker by training, Belinda has spent her working career with parents, delivering parenting groups such as Toddlers Terrible or Terrific, TIPS, Triple P, 123 Magic, Tuning into Kids, Tuning into Teens and parenting support groups. Belinda enjoys working to bring together Parenting Educators and Parents through this website.

Belinda can be contacted via the contact form online- 
or  phone 9736 9851. Workdays are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Kathy Dimas -Kathy is the Project Manager for the Resourcing Parents Website Project. She comes to comes to Resourcing Parents with a Marketing and Communications background. She has spent her career in private enterprise delivering marketing strategies and communications to clients. Kathy is keen to use these skills to help parents find parenting programs to build stronger relationships with their families.

Kathy can be contacted via the contact form online- 
or  phone 9736 9851. Workdays are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

We are funded by Families NSW. 
Families NSW is the state Government's over-arching strategy to enhance the health and well-being of children aged 0-8.