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Bringing Up Great Kids
Weave Youth & Community Services
Relationship Building
Young Mothers, Mothers
The Bringing Up Great Kids program supports mothers and female carers to:
- Learn more about the origins of their own parenting style and how it can be more effective;
-Identify important messages they want to convey to their children and how to achieve this;
-Learn more about brain development in children and its influence on their thoughts, feelings and behaviour;
- Understand the meaning of children’s behaviour;
- Discover how to overcome some of the obstacles getting in the way of them being the kind of parent they would like to be; and
- Discover ways for parents to take care of themselves and to find support when they need it.
*Important* This group is open to women only.
2-3 - Toddlers
4-5 - Children
5-12 - Children
Tween (10-12)
Weave Women and Children's Centre, 133 Morehead St,
Waterloo, Sydney District
Wednesday, 05 May 2021
Wednesday, 09 June 2021
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Child Care
Limited Childcare available
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