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Early Learning Resources

Helping my Child Learn Two Languages

Helping my Child Learn Two Languages - (PDF)

These Utubes from St George Child and Family Interagency in partnership with St George Paediatric Speech Therapy Services have tips to help your child speak and read in two languages. Below are links to the translated Utubes. 

Love, Talk, Sing, Read, Play, Flipbook

Love, Talk, Sing, Read, Play - (Printable Flipbook)

Ideas to make the most of a child’s early development. Age specific ideas for parents of infants through to 5 years.

Lovely Jubbily Sing-a-long CD - FREE Download

Download and play your very own copy of 'Lovely Jubblies'

Listen to the song online or download the MP3 for FREE.

Lovely Jubbily - MP3

MP3 1.3MB

Poster - PDF Download

Free Countdown to School Calendar - 2015 - 2016

Download and print your very own Countdown to School Calendar with tips and reminders on how to help your kids get ready for school, supplied by Families NSW. Click the image to download the ready-to-go PDF file, or alternatively, if you want to edit your own, and add your own images, use the Publisher version linked below. 

Editable version - Please note, you will need to have Microsoft Publisher installed in order to edit this calendar.

               Tips sheets and Book lists to help parents prepare their children before school for the world of reading and writing.

                 Let’s Read promotes the importance of reading with children from birth. It provides age-specific resources to support families reading with their children. The resources are developed for children aged from 4 months, 12 months, 18 months 

Fact sheet for parents on language and communication development in babies through to 3 years. Helpful contacts also included.

A guide to play for parents of 0-2 year olds

A guide to play for parents of 2-5 year olds

              A series of 8 Tip Sheets with ideas for learning through play. The Vietnamese and Arabic translated versions can be found in the Other Languages Early     Learning section of this website. 

The why, when, how of reading with young children.

Ideas for parents about how to help their child with reading and literacy skills at home

Ideas for parents on how support to incorporate early literacy into day to day living.

A guide to how children learn about spatial ideas.

Ideas for parents to use at home to help their children learn about addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

The benefits of making music a regular part of a young child’s daily routines.  

Helping Your Child Learn Two Languages PDF
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