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Mel Burgess
Cultivating Balanced Kids and Happy Parents
Practitioner In
Triple P, Level 4 Self-Directed, TIPS: Tips and Ideas for Parenting Skills, Level 4 Group, 1-2-3- Magic/Three Choices, Circle of Security, 123 Magic and Emotion Coaching, Triple P, Bachelor of Social Science, Master of Arts (Dev Studies)
Hunter New England
Employer Address
Love Parenting 55 Fitzroy Rd LAMBTON NSW 2299
Office Hours, Evenings, Weekends
Employed By
Love Parenting
My Profile
Mel Burgess - Parenting Consultant/Mentor - Love Parenting

I create space for parents to slow down and reflect on what they want for their family....then I gear them up to go and create it.

Prior to going into private practice I worked for 10 years as a Parent Educator at the Family Action Centre (University of Newcastle)

I am now known for my specialty in working with parents who enjoyed a sense of competence at uni and in the workforce, but who -since becoming parents- have been surprised how overwhelmed they feel trying to set their kids up to thrive or aspiring to get parenting 'right'.

I have a vision for Newcastle that involves a whole lot of parents looking a whole lot less stressed (and all the great ripple effects that go with that)

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