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Kristy Goodwin
Children’s technology and development expert, speaker and author
Northern Sydney
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Dr Kristy Goodwin
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I’m a researcher, speaker and author, delivering keynote addresses, seminars and workshops to parents, educators and health professionals throughout Australia. I’m on a mission to disseminate the facts and dismantle the fears about young children’s use of technology.

I provide practical, evidence-based information about what modern kids really need to thrive both online and offline.

As a children’s technology and development expert, speaker and author (& mum who also needs to wrangle her smartphone from her children’s clutches from time to time!) I understand the concerns and frustrations of modern parents (yes, I also deal with techno tantrums).

I translate the latest research into practical and digestible information for parents who want peace-of-mind and evidence-based information about parenting in the digital age (without having to ban the iPad or unplug the TV).

As parents there’s more to worry about than just keeping kids safe online. Don’t get me wrong cyber-safety is so important.

But as parents and educators we also have to think carefully about whether our young children’s digital habits are damaging their development.

My new book is available now and online

"Raising Your Child in a Digital World: Finding a healthy balance of time online without techno tantrums and conflict"

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