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Hand in Hand Parenting with Madeleine Winter
Kids won’t listen to a thing you say and pushing the limits all the time? Constantly squabbling and fighting with each other? New sibling arriving soon? Your child hitting/biting? Or are sleep issues causing strife in your household? You can get help without even leaving home.

Start one of these self-paced, online courses anytime to get fresh perspectives and practical tools to solve common parenting challenges, and help get more closeness and fun into your relationship with your children.

For more information and to sign up, paste this link into your browser "" or click on the link at the lower right hand side of this page: "URL Visit Website" More info: contact Madeleine at madeleine"at"madeleinewinter"dot"com

The Courses:


- Each course gives you three hours of video material presented by Hand in Hand Parenting founder, Patty Wipfler. These can be watched as many times as you wish, whenever you wish, for several months.

- Each course is divided into three video “classes” covering the key issues, presented in 10-15 minute segments – so you can work through the course in bite size pieces.

- Learn about several practical, parent tested Listening Tools to practise at home with your children. These will help you build, strengthen and repair your relationship with your child, and tackle difficulties.

- “Listening to Children” e-booklet set including; How Children’s Emotions Work, Special Time, Reaching for your Angry Child, Crying, Healing Children’s Fears, Tantrums and Indignation, Playlistening, Setting Limits and Listening Partnerships for Parents. (AUD $27 value)

HOW DO THESE COURSES WORK? You can start anytime. Once you have registered and paid, you will be sent an email inviting you to join the online classroom. Once you have logged in there, you can start immediately. All you need is high speed internet access. You can expect that it will take you between 3-6 weeks to complete the course, but you can take as long as you need.

WHO IS THIS FOR: Mothers, fathers and carers of children aged 1-10 (although the Listening Tools we teach will work well with children from birth through to adulthood)


We strengthen the parent-child relationship. We offer tools to

- build closeness and emotional safety into your relationship with your children;
- respond effectively to your child’s, and your own, emotional moments;
- set firm, warm limits for children; and
- get the support you need for the complex, and emotional, work of parenting.

These four elements are essential in addressing challenges in your parenting.

Unlike parenting methods that rely on systems of rewards and punishment, this approach focuses on strengthening your connection with your child and is centred on children's strong, innate desire to love and be loved. This fresh and effective framework is consistent with the latest research and results in long-term family success.


Patty Wipfler is the founder and Program Director of Hand in Hand Parenting. She brings warmth, compassion and the deepest respect for parents and children, as well as a wealth of experience working with parents and children. She cares deeply about parents, and the emotional work that we do. Patty writes, speaks, trains parent leaders, and develops resources for parents to help them lift difficulties from their children’s lives and their own. She directs the training of Hand in Hand Parenting Instructors from all over the world.


These online courses provide a wonderful introduction to Parenting by Connection. Sometimes, however, it is great to have someone to ask questions of, and to talk to about what you are learning. Follow the links below to contact Madeleine Winter, the first Certified Hand in Hand Instructor based in Sydney, and a Parent Coach. She has been working with families using the Hand in Hand approach for over 30 years. You can visit her web site at “”


SETTING LIMITS AND BUILDING CO-OPERATION: Learn valuable new skills for building co-operation and solving problems in your family. Get a step by step process for making limit setting a positive experience and getting more good times in your family life. Learn why children test limits, how to build and repair connection with them so you can solve problems, and how to defuse power struggles and deal your own frustrations and exhaustion.

TAMING SIBLING RIVALRY: Get fresh perspectives about family dynamics and new ways to creatively respond to difficult moments and chronic difficulties between your children. In the long run, these will dissolve tensions between siblings, reduce your stress levels and build closeness, co-operation, respect and understanding. This is not the typical approach like: "Don't do that or I'll send you to your room". We explain why rewards, punishments and consequences often don’t work that well, and how to focus instead on building your relationship and connection with your children. Children need this connection to be able to function well, learn and get along. Our approach can be challenging to use, but the results over time are deeply rewarding.

HELPING CHILDREN WITH AGGRESSION: Learn concrete, effective tools for stopping your child’s aggressive behaviour and strengthen their connection with you. Understand what drives aggressive behaviour, and learn ways of responding which will build your relationship with your child, and deal with underlying causes. Get a step by step process for proactively dealing with problems before the punch lands, and cleaning up the mess when you get there too late.

HELPING CHILDREN SLEEP: Parenting by Connection offers effective and supportive ways to “put sleep issues to bed” and resolve the emotional tensions which make bedtime difficult and wake children at night. Children experience sleep as separation, and to help them, you will need to build and repair a strong sense of connection with you. Children need your help to get through the difficult emotions which wake them at night, and you will need ways to set loving, firm limits to resolve sleep issues. You will get new understandings of your child’s sleep anxieties, and get 5 concrete “parent-tested” steps you can take to achieve a relaxed sleep for everyone.


Discover the roots of your child’s anxiety and develop confidence in addressing their difficulties around transitions – tantrums, aggression or crying. Learn concrete tools to loosen the hold of anxiety on your child, stop the behaviour, and strengthen their relationship with you. Leaving your child for short times shouldn’t be that hard, and this gives you concrete ways to tackle the feelings that come up – building your child’s confidence and your
This is $US - approx $AUD71
0-1 - Infants
2-3 - Toddlers
4-5 - Children
5-12 - Children
Open for all NSW districts
Thursday, 01 July 2021
Monday, 16 August 2021
12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
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