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Reparative Parenting Term 3
Alternate Care Clinic - WSLHD
Parents who are foster carers
Kinship / Foster Carers
The Alternate Care Clinic (ACC) at Redbank House is a specialist therapeutic service for children, adolescents and their carers. The clinic has developed a 9-session fortnightly advanced reparative parenting program for carers of children/ adolescents in long term out-of-home care. Guardian and adoptive carers/ parents are also welcome. This group program has been developed with the understanding that children in care present with specific and complex needs that present significant challenges to caregivers. Many of the parenting strategies that courses such as Triple P or 1-2-3 Magic teach do not work with children with backgrounds of trauma and attachment disruption. In fact, the strategies recommended often activate relational triggers that lead to further escalations. This program focuses on helping carers to first strengthen their relationship with the children in their care. It helps carers see behaviour as a form of communicating distress and gives them a new way of responding so they better read and respond to the cues children are giving them. Course material is grounded in an extensive review of the literature, the clinical experience of ACC staff and information provided to us by a large number of kinship and foster carers. Each group runs for 2 ½ hours and consists of up to 12-15 caregivers and two facilitators. The program is free of charge. Morning tea and parking are included.
2-3 - Toddlers
4-5 - Children
5-12 - Children
13-19 - Teens
Tween (10-12)
Redbank House, Westmead Hospital campus, Dragonfly Drive (Off Mons Rd)
WESTMEAD, Western Sydney
Tuesday, 13 August 2019
Tuesday, 10 December 2019
11:00 AM - 1:30 PM
Car Park
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