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📢 THERAPLAY GROUPS ARE NOW OPEN!!! 🔆 What is Theraplay? Theraplay is an engaging, playful, relationship focused therapy method that helps nurture a closer, stronger relationship with your child. The 8-session groups involve children and parents in playful and fun activities that will be co-operative and supportive. The aim is that children’s self-esteem, sense of belonging, ability to trust and care for self and others grows. It is a fun session where children grow emotionally and socially, learning along the way. Parents who are part of groups feel very connected with their children. Led by our trained Theraplay Psychologist, Theraplay groups promote internal self-control and the desire to relate appropriately. Because a Theraplay group is playful and upbeat, it appeals to children. It also can be a way to teach social and communication skills to children. Finally, it is an excellent way to bring fun and exuberance into the lives of all children. Theraplay® focuses on the parent/carer-child relationship which is the most powerful and influential element to create change. 🔆 Who is it for? Children aged 3-7 years and parents. Theraplay is adaptive and therefore can be used to meet the needs of children with a variety of behavioural, emotional and relationship-based concerns. It has been found to be an effective approach for concerns such as: 🚩Parent-child interactions and relationships 🚩Social skills 🚩Stress and anxiety. 🚩Mental health 🚩Acting out, angry or disruptive behaviour. 🚩Defiant or controlling behaviour. 🚩Shy, withdrawn or clingy behaviour. 🚩Consistent low moods. 🚩Attention and hyperactivity concerns. The program can also work well for children with autism, developmental delays and learning disabilities. At least one parent needs to participate at all times throughout the course. 🔆 When? We are aiming to run a group in Term 3 or 4 2019. Days and times to be confirmed. Where: Unit 21, 363 Hillsborough Rd, Warners Bay * We ideally need a minimum of 4 matched children in a group for it to proceed. The maximum group size is 8 children. 🔆 How can it help? ✔️ Increase parent and child's experience of shared joy ✔️ Enhance the positive relationship between parent and child ✔️ Increase child's sense of felt safety/security ✔️ Increase child's capacity to regulate emotions ✔️ Ensure that parents are able to set clear expectations and limits ✔️ Ensure that parent’s leadership is balanced with warmth and support ✔️ Increase parent’s capacity to view the child empathically ✔️ Increase parent's ability to help child with stressful events 🔆 Structure of the program The program is delivered in 45 minute group sessions over an 8 week period. There are 4 broad stages of the program including: Week 1️⃣ = Introduction phase - Getting to know each other and the course aims and structure Weeks 2️⃣&3️⃣ = Beginning Phase - getting to know to the Theraplay theories and activities Weeks 4️⃣&5️⃣ = Middle Phase - activities focused on trust, building self control and group cooperation Weeks 6️⃣to8️⃣ = Transition - reinforcing key activities and themes, plus activities focused on helping children and parents prepare for the conclusion of the group 🔆 Cost and funding available The course costs $65 per session per child ($520 total for the program). There are no costs for parents to be involved. Participants can only register for the full program and not individual sessions. 📝 NDIS funding Children with NDIS plans and funding for therapy may be able to use their allotted funding for the program. Check with your Coordinator/Planner or our admin team to find out. 🔸TO EXPRESS INTEREST IN THE PROGRAM OR FIND OUT MORE, PLEASE CONTACT US ON: 📞 49549333 📧
$65/session ($520 total 8 sessions)
2-3 - Toddlers
4-5 - Children
5-12 - Children
Beam Health, Unit 21, 363 Hillsborough Road
Warners Bay, Hunter New England
Monday, 22 July 2019
Wednesday, 22 July 2020
12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
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