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Karen Tippett, Family Advocacy - Advocacy in Education - Getting Ready for Life
ADHD Support Australia
SPEAKER EVENING WITH KAREN TIPPETT FROM FAMILY ADVOCACY ADVOCACY IN EDUCATION - GETTING READY FOR LIFE Family Advocacy has been supporting families to advocate with, and on behalf of their family member for over 30 years. Family members and others make contact with them to strategise and receive information around matters relating to the interests of the person with disability on a confidential basis. Education is large part of their focus, as the school years provide a strong pathway to a typical life in the community, opening opportunities and paving the way to adulthood. Karen Tippett from Family Advocacy has spent 10 years working with families across the state to achieve good educational experiences for their children with developmental disability and learning needs. Karen will bring this experience to share information on: What makes a good educational experience? What should we expect from our schools and educators? What is a reasonable adjustment? How to make yourself heard? At the talk Karen will share other families experiences and stories in person, through video clips and pictures as she finds one of the most valuable ways to provide information is through the journey of others. Under 18's FREE ENTRY If you are unable to attend the talk please join our Newsletter list to receive a copy of the slides and be kept up-to-date with future ADHD news & events. Click here to subscribe:
4-5 - Children
5-12 - Children
13-19 - Teens
Pittwater RSL, 82 Mona Vale Road
MONA VALE, Northern Sydney
Tuesday, 12 February 2019
Tuesday, 12 February 2019
6:45 PM - 8:45 PM