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FEB 1-2-3® Magic & Emotion Coaching - Love Parenting, Lambton - BOOKINGS NOW CLOSED
Love Parenting
FEBRUARY 1-2-3® Magic & Emotion Coaching 3 x Evening Cheeseboard Sessions, Personalised Coaching Call and Workbook Included 123 Magic and Emotion Coaching is set up to foster your insight, strategy, empathy and connection with your child. Over 110 000 parents have already participated in the program written by Psychologists Thomas W. Phelan (US) and Michael Hawton (Aust). It is a tough gig staying calm and teaching our kids learn how to follow instructions and behave in ways that will work for them into their future years while at the same time building daily on the parent/child connection that is also key to them thriving. This evening program will run with a maximum of 5 parents at Love Parenting Studio in Lambton which is set up as a welcoming place for parents to flop into a chair, revel in some child-free time, be heard and nurtured while sifting options for proceeding forward and bringing about desired changes. A 25 min coaching call (to troubleshoot individual implementation issues) is included and key to setting changes up to last. Come, and let's gear up to have the most connected and low-angst year we can with kids whose company we enjoy and our happy pants back on straight. Individual or couple Office, Skype, Walking or Cafe appointments also available. See details at or use @loveparentingnewcastle for Facebook or Instagram
$225 per person
2-3 - Toddlers
4-5 - Children
5-12 - Children
Love Parenting Studio, -
Lambton, Hunter New England
Tuesday, 12 February 2019
Tuesday, 26 February 2019
6:15 PM - 8:15 PM
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