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Your School Aged Child: Communication Passports

The starting date for this event has passed. Some events are ongoing, check the dates and information below to see if you can still attend.
Communication Passports are a practical way to introduce children positively and as individuals when they cannot articulate their needs clearly.
This workshop will provide families with a template and information to put together a communication passport for your child to share information about them with others in a variety of setting (schools, OOSH, sleep overs, school camps etc…)

Learn how to:
- Present your child positively as an individual;
- Communicate information about your child’s needs for others in an accessible way;
- Share your child’s views and preferences with others.

This workshop is suitable for middle childhood children (6 to 10 years old)

The Your School Aged Group will be led by a parent Peer facilitator. The group will meet four times during 2018 and parents can chose to attend one or all of the sessions.
Cost: Free

Your School Aged Child- Communication Passport 13th Feb.pdf

Location: Plumtree, Yabsley Avenue, Jarvie Park
Postcode: 2204
District: Sydney District

Map / Location

Event Leader/Facilitator
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Tuesday, 13 March 2018
Specifally For
Parents of children with additional needs
Communication Disability
Parenting course
Childcare not available on this occasion
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