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Understanding your Child's Behaviour

The starting date for this event has passed. Some events are ongoing, check the dates and information below to see if you can still attend.
This workshop is for families who are concerned about their child’s behaviour for children with disabilities or developmental delay.

In a supportive environment together with other parents, you will learn:
- All behaviour happens for a reason;
- All behaviour communicates something;
- If we understand the reasons for our child’s behaviour and what they are communicating, we are well on the way towards change.

Once we know why the problem behaviour is occurring, we can prevent it by teaching the child better ways to communicate their needs. We call this approach Positive Behaviour Support because it emphasises learning new skills in a positive way.

This is a practical workshop that will guide you to complete a Functional Assessment Interview so you can understand what your child’s behaviour is communicating.
This is the first step towards developing a Behavioural Support Plan to support your child.
This workshop will not teach your particular strategies as, each child is different. But it will guide you to understand what step to take next.
Cost: Free

Understanding your child's behaviour 1.3.18.pdf

Location: Plumtree, Yabsley Avenue, Jarvie Park
Postcode: 2204
District: Sydney District

Map / Location

Event Leader/Facilitator
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Thursday, 01 March 2018
Specifically For
Parents of children with additional needs
Behaviour Disability
Parenting course
Childcare not available on this occasion