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Teen Triple P
For parents of teens (11 to 16 years). Need some more tools for your parenting toolbox? We cover... How to build strong and positive relationships with y ...
Triple P Group in South Penrith in English
Need some more tools for your parenting toolbox? How to build a strong foundation of positive parenting based on relationship, encouraging desirable behaviou ...
Circle of Security
An eight week parenting program which supports parents as they think about how they can be 'bigger/stronger/wiser/kinder' for their children. Common-sense info ...
Tuning In to Kids
A parenting course that enables parents to tune into their children's emotions and teach their children to understand and regulate their emotions. Morning t ...
123 Magic
An easy to learn behaviour management course that provides parents/carers with 3 steps for effective parenting. The program aims to eliminate yelling, arguing o ...
Keeping Children Safe
This program will enable parents and carers to recognise abuse and neglect, understand its effects on children and make changes in order to prevent abuse and ne ...
Keeping Kids in Mind
Keeping Kids in Mind is a 5 week course for separated parents who are experiencing on- going conflict. The course is designed to: • assist parents to see th ...
Triple P Group in GOSFORD in English
The Mental Health and Parenting program is for parents/caregivers who have experienced mental health problems who live on the Central Coast and are parenting or ...
Triple P Group in TELOPEA in English
Group Triple P Level 4 ...
Program Information

Types of Parenting programs

More and more parents have found that a parenting program has helped them to improve their relationship with their child and to understand and cope better with their child’s behaviour.

Qualified and experienced parent educators run parenting programs to meet the needs of families and children at a certain stage of development. A parenting program might include information about children’s needs and development, as well as sessions where parents/carers can practice new skills and techniques, usually without the child present. They are often run in small groups.

Which parenting program is for you?

Going to a parenting program shows that you want to be the best parent you can be.

No one is taught how to be a parent. It’s something you learn and grow into as your child grows and changes. Life with your child can be easier and more rewarding if you understand your child’s needs and behaviour and if you have some ways to respond to your child that you know will work.

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