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Latest Events
Circle Of Security Parenting Program in HOWLONG
Feeling confused about your child’s behaviour? This course will help you strengthen your relationship with your child by understanding the reasons behind their ...
Triple P Group in ASHFIELD in English
This Triple P group will be provided for parents of multiple birth children in the Inner West of Sydney. The course will cover all the Triple P positive parenti ...
Welcome to Fatherhood
Welcome to Fatherhood is a four session discussion group for father, fathers to be or fathers figures, to help gather building blocks and talking tools for thei ...
Bringing Up Great Kids
The Bringing Up Great Kids program supports parents and carers to: Learn more about the origins of their own parenting style and how it can be more effective; ...
Keeping Children Safe
This is a free course for mothers with Children in Out of Home Care. It includes topics such as: - Protective behaviours - Building your child's self es ...
Getting to Know You in Belmore Term 2
This group explores the period of infancy from birth to 6 months, helping parents to understand their infant's social and emotional development and communicatio ...
123 Magic and Emotion Coaching Parent Course
A three-session program for parents and carers. Learn to manage challenging behaviour in children 2-12 years old. ...
Bringing Up Great Kids
This reflective parenting program developed by the Australian Childhood Foundation aims to promote positive, respectful parent-child relationships. - Learn m ...
Tuning into TEENS Term 2
Please note program will run twice a week for three weeks 2nd 4th 9th 11th 16th and 18th of May 2017 Would you like to learn how to: • be better at talkin ...
Program Information

Types of Parenting programs

More and more parents have found that a parenting program has helped them to improve their relationship with their child and to understand and cope better with their child’s behaviour.

Qualified and experienced parent educators run parenting programs to meet the needs of families and children at a certain stage of development. A parenting program might include information about children’s needs and development, as well as sessions where parents/carers can practice new skills and techniques, usually without the child present. They are often run in small groups.

Which parenting program is for you?

Going to a parenting program shows that you want to be the best parent you can be.

No one is taught how to be a parent. It’s something you learn and grow into as your child grows and changes. Life with your child can be easier and more rewarding if you understand your child’s needs and behaviour and if you have some ways to respond to your child that you know will work.

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